Leon Edwards Regrets Never Beating Up Jorge Masvidal

Guess he would have enjoyed dominating an opponent he hates?

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Leon Edwards shared his one regret as a UFC fighter recently, and surprisingly it turned out to be never having fought the guy with whom he had a personal grudge and who repeatedly demonstrated in the Octagon that he belongs to a class of fighter beneath that of the division’s elite which Edwards sits atop. Edwards, who has twice-bested former champion Kamaru Usman who himself dominated then meme-ified Masvidal in their two meetings, is apparently experiencing FOMO with Masvidal’s retirement, having seen many of the other top welterweights taking their turn thoroughly outclassing Masvidal over the last six year without getting a go. We can only speculate on what it is about a fight with an opponent less talented, more annoying and with a history of belittling Edwards that made the bout so appealing and such an unfortunate opportunity to miss out on for the champion.

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