“They’ll Cancel You For Anything” Gym Owner Currently Employing Known-Predator Tells His Friends

It’s hard when you’re so persecuted.

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Gym owner Dylan Matthews, who employs his childhood best friend and multiple-time alleged on-mat sexual harasser Craig Conners as his head instructor, aired his concerns about the lack of second chances available in our PC-mad cancel culture world while on a Bro’s Weekend with his boys this weekend.

“It just feels like one little misplaced word will destroy your business and ruin your whole life,” worried Matthews, whose gym currently turns a generous profit every month while employing the man whose actions are well known throughout the martial arts community in the region.

“I can’t even tell you the kind of harassment I’ve dealt with from the woke libs online because you’d think I’m lying,” he added, referring to the time he once had to delete a sarcastic “Really?” left in the comments of a post about the importance of protecting women.

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