Look Out UFC: BKFC Shows It Can Lie About Illegal Stream Numbers, Too

They learned it from you!

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s place as the most famous and top promotion in combat sports is facing a new threat as Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship has shown its ability to compete with the UFC when it comes to fabricating illegal streamer data after a disappointing pay-per-view performance. Although the event barely cracked six figure buys according to BKFC President David Feldman, who refinanced his home to fund the event, he takes solace in the 734,000 illegal streams a staffer of the organization told him they had found to get him to stop screaming at the office. This latest play for the UFC’s crown builds off work earlier in the year when Feldman also showed elite talent when it came to lying about his contract negotiations with heavyweight king Francis Ngannou. For its part, the UFC remains publicly unconcerned about the threat posed by BKFC, noting that Feldman didn’t even have the knowhow to claim his lawyers were pursuing streamers and that they had received a formal apology from a nefarious super-streamer which noted how smart, strong and handsome Feldman is.

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