Social Media Manager Whispers “Nailed It” to Himself While Uploading Gif Beginning Immediately After the Finish

Nothing but (the aftermath to) the best action of the night!

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Extreme Fighting Challenge Director of Marketing and Social Media Harold Patrickson is beaming from ear-to-ear over his stellar work covering the promotion’s most recent card, carefully clipping every bout into shareable gifs of the moments immediately after a referee steps in to halt the action.

“This can be a hard job sometimes,” Patrickson said when asked how he rated his performance, “but on a night like this where it’s nothing but finishes it’s all worth it. You see these fighters go in there and do truly incredible things in the cage for you and you know that you have the responsibility of showing the world what they did after those things, and it just feels good when you get it right. This is how you grow a sport and an organization.”

The event marks a bounce-back performance for Patrickson, who found himself in hot water with the promotion after a recent event in which he accidentally included the moment of connection in a spinning wheel kick knock out to the consternation of the organization’s president.

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