Smug Blogger’s MMA Media Barb Undone By Discovery Broke UFC Fighter Debuted Against Different Broke Fighter

We are very ashamed about this occurrence.

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Staff at Mixed Martial Artish were forced to eat their own words while searching for an image of Themba Gorimbo to use as a header on a post and muttering “try $7” after seeing the phrase “had $100 in the bank” under an image of Gorimbo throwing a kick in his UFC debut. While the reporter is alleged to have felt very superior about knowing the actual number, they were then shocked to discover the article was instead about Gorimbo’s opponent, A.J. Fletcher, who announced after the bout that he had just $100 in the bank before defeating Gorimbo in Fletcher’s third bout with the world’s biggest mixed martial arts promotion. This sure is an embarrassing situation for the media property and no other institutions in the sport, and it is hoped that internal changes will ensure such a scandalous situation does not occur within its newsroom again.

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