Hero UFC Footwear Partner to Possibly Help One Fighter in Some Way

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Internationally beloved superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson heard the same story you did about nearly-broke UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo and the near-billionaire marketing professional is ready to do what he can to help Gorimbo in some as-yet-undefined way. The Rock, an official footwear partner of the UFC who provides fighters with shoes which “fucking suck” along with no additional monetary benefit, tweeted his support and his intent to help Gorimbo in the future, fully absolving himself of any moral squidginess about being in business with an organization that pocketed everything you gave them to promote your product while numerous fighters forced to do that promotion for you get by on sub-three-digit bank balances.

Ever the optimist, The Rock added that he too was once broke in an industry that batters and breaks its performers while paying them as little as possible, offering inspiration that, with a little luck, Gorimbo might also one day be the one person in his profession to transcend his circumstances to such an extent that he too can enter into lucrative agreements which line the pockets of himself and any executives at the organizations he pairs with.

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