Oh, Goody, Another Call to Find Jokes in a Sexual Assault

Zero regrets about creating a comedy MMA blog.

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Former UFC active-competitor Conor McGregor has gotten his wish for folks to stop talking about him hospitalizing a mascot by throwing real punches in a fake skit as news has broken of an alleged rape McGregor committed at the same game, and it’s the type of news that causes absolutely zero reasons to reconsider a position as “MMA joke maker.” The alleged assault, which joins two prior accusations made publicly available well before McGregor was given a featuring role on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, the official appearance at an NBA Finals game at which he allegedly committed the act or a morning yuck-along interview on LIVE with Kelly and Mark, is the type of news nobody in mixed martial arts can ignore which is just… just fucking great. Much like nearly every other story that breaks in combat sports, this latest allegation certainly isn’t apt to cause any kind of regret or apprehension in those who decided it might be fun to make daily jest of the sport’s biggest news and figures.

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