USADA, UFC Announce New 170-Day Rapid Recertification Protocol

The rule goes into effect immediately.

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The world’s premier mixed martial arts organization and premier drug-testing agency have issued a joint release announcing the creation of a revised set of qualification protocols for fighters seeking to re-enter the testing pool, with a new 170-day window prior to clearance. Under the new rules a fighter will be required to:

  • Publicly agree to the new policy no less than 170 days prior to their intended reinstatement date (any tweets, interviews or other interactions indicating an intention to participate in a UFC bout will suffice)
  • Sign a formal pledge to not do any performance enhancing drugs no less than 120 days prior to the intended reinstatement date
  • Firmly avow they did not take any performance enhancing drugs during the prior 170 days on the date of reinstatement
  • Submit a urine sample for testing no less than 90 days after the date of reinstatement

The new procedure goes into effect immediately and applies to all European fighters with layoffs of longer than two years at the time of their potential reinstatement who last competed in the lightweight division.

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