After School Fight in Jeopardy After Mom Finds Out

You are in so much trouble, young man.

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A hotly anticipated fight between two of the dorkiest losers in the entire school may not happen now as one of the proposed-combatants’ mothers found out about it and demanded her son not participate. It’s not yet clear who told, though both of these detestable dweebs denies being responsible as they were both super serious and super excited about the prospect of a fist fight in front of the whole school where everyone showing up was just there to laugh at both of them, win or lose. While the student body is split on whether this is a shame or the only way this was ever going to end, there is a unanimous understanding that both of these little weenies remain fully outside of the usual rules and norms against bullying and that everyone in the school is encouraged to be as mean, if not meaner, to these dinguses moving forward, particularly the little momma’s boy.

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