“We’ll Never Know,” Says Only Person Who Doesn’t Know

A nut that history just may never manage to crack.

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With the recent retirement of two-division champion and MMA GOAT Amanda Nunes, former foe Julianna Peña is stepping up to ask the question nobody else is asking — what would happen if she had fought Nunes a third time. After winning the belt against a Nunes who looked bored and undertrained, many speculated a rematch would result in a one-sided beatdown with a motivated Nunes taking it to Peña from the jump in the lead-up to their second match in which Peña received a 10 zero times across the judges’ three score cards and an 8 three times. With a planned third bout cancelled by a Peña injury and Nunes’ subsequent exit from the sport, Peña now finds herself wondering just who would have won a rubber match, a question she shares with none of the other 8 billion residents of Earth. Unfortunately, this is likely to remain an open hypothetical, leaving everyone named Julianna Nicole Peña born in Spokane, Washington on August 19, 1989 to wonder “what if” due to the pure lack of available evidence one might use to make a logical conclusion.

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