Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Excited to Quit DoorDashing After Home Run Derby Bonus

Funded up for a championship run.

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Fresh off the high of his Major League Baseball Home Run Derby victory, Toronto Blue Jays slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is thrilled that the event’s bonus money will allow him to stop doing app-based deliveries in his time away from the ballpark and to fully focus on his quest to help the Blue Jays win a title. Although Guerrero had been splitting his days between working out or practicing to get better at baseball and making deliveries in the hopes of earning enough in tips to keep himself and his children fed and under a roof, this extra income should help him hunker down and make a charge for the title.

“It’s great knowing this financial boost can be a big help,” said MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. “This is the kind of feel-good story any sport would be thrilled to have shared with the press. Just a wonderful example of the positive, life-changing effect this sport can have on our athletes’ lives.”

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