Man Who Hates Mixed Martial Artists Finds Community, Acceptance in MMA Fans

“I’ve never felt more seen as someone who wants nothing but sadness for every MMA fighter.”

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Ever since James Crawford first laid eyes on a mixed martial artist when he saw a DVD of UFC 60 at a Massachusetts Blockbuster he has held a deep and passionate hatred for the men on the cover and anyone else who participated in the sport. While Crawford can’t say for sure what it is that made him hate the professional fighters so much, his feelings were intense and undeniable and have not abated in the nearly two decades since. Although Crawford spent many years harboring his hatred inside, thinking he was the only one who felt that way, that all changed one fateful bowel movement.

“I was scrolling Instagram to pass the time and a suggested post showed a fighter talking to the media,” Crawford said of his serendipitous event. “He was whining about his contract and how little he was being paid and other boring loser shit like that and curiosity got the best of me. I clicked to the comments intending to laugh at all the sycophants sucking up to him.”

What Crawford found instead was “a second family.” Crawford was blown away to discover that he was far from alone, and in fact, there was an entire community of MMA fans who felt and spoke just like him. Life has been a whirlwind for Crawford since discovering the like-minded individuals who comprise the MMA fanbase, but he says he’s made some great friends and they’ve taught him new things to help him appreciate the sport more, like how most fighters leave the sport with no money, broken bodies and long term brain damage that will negatively impact the rest of their lives, and that there are also cool people to root for as well, like Dana White.

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