Coddled Athlete Earns Five Figures for 34 Seconds of Work

Talk about easy money.

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Fighter pay has long been a topic of hot conversation in the MMA community but a fight this past weekend seems sure to have put the debate to bed with prelim fighter Istela Nunes receiving marginally upwards of $10,000 for barely a half-minute of work. Nunes, who suffered a TKO defeat :34 seconds into the opening bout was competing in her fourth fight with the promotion, which means she could potentially have even received as many as one or two escalations on her entry-level contract, pulling in the unfathomable pay of almost $15,000 just to barely have to do anything. While “fair pay” critics often note that fighter pay disclosure does not account for training fees, dietary and supplemental costs of an elite mixed martial artist and gym and management cuts, when you’re making over $1,000,000 an hour we think you can afford it. While Dana White and the UFC deserve credit for offering such a cushy gig to its fighters, one has to wonder if the sport can continue to be so generous with its athletes if it wants to stay in business.

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