Jake Paul Left Fuming After Nate Diaz Behaves Like Diaz Brother

Such unprofessional actions are inexcusable!

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The boxing showdown between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is just weeks away, and Paul finds himself irate at the lack of promotional effort put in by Diaz. Paul, who could not in any way have predicted that Diaz would be reticent to participate in traditional promotion with punctual attendance at a series of planned press availabilities or a carefully orchestrated marketing campaign in which the fighters and promotion work synergistically to raise awareness and interest for the event, is furious to discover that Diaz has not behaved like a proper company man. The shocking behavior is said to only be compounding frustrations of Paul’s which stemmed from a similarly unpredictable issue which arose when Diaz bristled at the idea of competing in a state which would test the combatants for recreational weed usage.

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