President Very Nearly Says Biggest Fan’s Name

Give it up for Coby!

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It’s an exciting time to be MAGA Superfan Colby Covington, as the longtime Donald Trump fan got to experience the joy of very nearly hearing the president say his name when talking about some of his favorite mixed martial artists in a podcast with Jim Norton and Matt Serra. After taking several minutes to discuss the work of fellow UFC fighters Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal, showing a detailed knowledge of both men’s careers, Trump briefly mentioned a third fighter, offering Colby a surprising jolt of joy at the near name-recognition from a man he holds up as an untouchable God King among us mortals.

“I credit a lot of [my “success” with the Hispanic population] to Jorge. We love Jorge, he’s a tough cookie,” Trump fondly reminisced, correctly pronouncing Masvidal’s name each time before turning his attention to a recent fight of Masvidal’s. “He had a fight with Coby, who I really like, too. You know, Coby, those two don’t like each other, but Coby is a MAGA guy. He walks into the ring sometimes wearing a Make America Great Again hat.”

Although Covington, who has made his entire personality and public persona being the sport’s #1 Trump fan, may not yet have earned the same recognition and praise Trump had to offer for a man who beat Covington twice, a man currently on trial for assaulting Covington or noted protector-of-a-serial-sexual-predator-during-his-time-coaching-at-Ohio State Jim Jordan, it is believed that with just three or four more years of shameless hero worship and a few more visits to praise Trump in person while letting the former president hold his pretend UFC championship belt Covington will finally get the head pat he so badly needs.

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