Lying Women Inventing Creepy BJJ Bros Again Say Creepy BJJ Bros

Pictured: A very cool and secure man who can nearly remember three whole things to make a woman happy.

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Those dastardly women in Jiu-Jitsu are at it again according to some of the sport’s most prolific and unpleasant creeps and predators. The latest vicious feminist assault on reality came in the form of an Instagram post designed to help grapplers understand how to better make a welcoming environment for female teammates. Reply guys in gis were quick to rebuff the cruel request that men at gyms actually acknowledge women as valid teammates without hulking out or trying to fuck them, citing the unreasonable nature of these lofty demands.

“Go easy, don’t go easy , blah blah blah” mistyped Jeff Glover. “What, you expect me and my 17 years of black belt experience to be able to understand Jiu-Jitsu as more than a binary of ‘everything I have’ or ‘actively disinterested’ or something? ‘Play technical Jiu-Jitsu,’ what does that even mean?”

The men were also quick to point out that they have talked with each other and confirmed that women don’t even get as many DMs as they think they do. Additionally, because the post used a mildly hyperbolic number in place of a peer-reviewed study into BJJ men’s behaviors on Instagram it can be conclusively proven that this means women are just making this shit up and the only real problem BJJ has with women is that they keep trying to do it, which it has been unanimously agreed is not a super fucking weird and embarrassing opinion to hold in public at all.

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