Loving Father Humiliates Self in Solidarity

The comment would benefit from some basic cuts.

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Looks like good fathering isn’t a thing of the past as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Vagner Rocha has just shown by valiantly responding to his daughter’s online embarrassment following a recent match by diving in to draw the attention and mockery of BJJ fans around the world off his child and onto him. With his daughter Jasmine, 21, having just been soundly defeated by World Champion Ffion Davies after denigrating Davies before the match, and faced with a pointed-seeming use of the champion’s “basic knee cuts” in a post announcing the victory, Rocha headed into the comments to share a dissertation dismissing any criticisms and doing everything he can to protect his daughter from learning any lessons from the experience of needlessly raising the temperature around a match with faux-drama and attacks on an opponent’s personal life and happiness. Rocha closed by chiding fans for lacking courage and assuring fans he raises his family to not care about what anyone in the BJJ community has to say about them, something the smiling predator-protector shows to be undeniably true with every BJJ event he shows up to.

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