UFC Will Surely Remember This Favor

Imagine a world where they DIDN’T reciprocate fighter sacrifices.

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Da’Mon Blackshear is following up a fan-pleasing twister submission victory last weekend with a UFC record-tying seven day turnaround as a late-notice replacement, a one-two punch of usefulness that the UFC will almost certainly keep in mind in the future. By following up a textbook performance of how to impress in the cage with some of the promotion’s beloved “anywhere, anytime, anyone” readiness, Blackshear must have earned himself a broad cache of company capital he can spend in the future for better treatment. If nothing else, the move will no-doubt have earned him plenty of sway with Dana White, a man who was once recorded in a night club getting physical with his wife then slapping her multiple times, as the organization president is sure to remember these useful actions from Blackshear and keep them in mind should he ever find himself in a position in which he might otherwise be expected go on the offensive against one of his contracted fighters.

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