Asshole Manager Advocating for Client

You wouldn’t believe the basic concessions this piece of shit asked for.

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The UFC finds itself locked into battle with a real piece of shit according to sources within the organization as the promoter goes to war with a dickhead manager who keeps trying to negotiate the terms of their fighter’s contract in a way that benefits their client. This selfish and arrogant pushback has not gone down well within the walls of the UFC office, with Dana White, who was once captured on video being aggressive with his wife and slapping her twice, said to have achieved an entirely new form of red. Sources also allege this absolute garbage pile of a human serves as a representative for just a few fighters and has shown no willingness accept a worse deal for even one of them to stay in the UFC’s good graces. While frustration is mounting with the situation, some within the promotion feel it is nearing a happy resolution after making a request for manager Ali Abdelaziz to offer his services to the mismanaged mauler.

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