Fan Pretty Sure Volk Wrong About O’Malley Being Good

What does he even know anyways, really?

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A mixed martial arts fan recently had their view of fighter Sean O’Malley challenged with words of praise offered by UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski, who called O’Malley “one of the best strikers in the UFC,” in stark contrast to the fan’s belief that the man about to challenge for the UFC Bantamweight Title actually kinda sucks and this next fight will surely be the one that exposes that. While the opinion of Volkanovski, considered by many to be the most talented mixed martial artist on the planet, carries weight, it was not enough to fully convince the man, who has injured his own knee while applying his favorite BJJ choke on multiple occasions.

The fan acknowledged Volkanovski knew his stuff, but he also thought it unlikely the current title holder is out there watching every fight on every card intently like the fan had as recently as ten years ago, and his opinion could be written off as underinformed about the truly-butt skills O’Malley must have to align with how annoying he is as a person.

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