Fans Upset After Spotting Klan Hood in Lee Corner

“If you could just see past the hood to what’s in his heart…”

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UFC Flyweight Andrea Lee once again finds herself in hot water with fans who believe she may be harboring a bigot in her corner after one member of her entourage was spotted coming to the ring with a klan hood on. Lee, who later confirmed she was dating the hooded figure, pushed back against criticism.

“All you sensitive fans are too much,” Lee said. “That hood is from a past time in his life, and he wears it now as a reminder of that shameful past. Maybe ask some questions before you judge a book by its cover next time.”

Despite the elevated anger over her cornerman’s appearance fans did have to acknowledge growth on display as well, as her corner made it through an entire three-round-fight’s worth of in-cage appearances against a Brazilian opponent without saying anything racist.

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