An Open Letter to Those Who Still Don’t Love Weili Zhang

I’m just trying to understand.

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Hey there pal,

So, like, what are we doing here? Is this some ironic counter-culture thing? Sure, everybody can not love Coby Covington, but you? You’re special. The lovable fighter who everyone raves about as a delight outside the cage but turns into a terrifying monster for 1-to-25 minutes every few months? Not your cup of tea.

Is it a lack of familiarity? Did you just not ever see her squatting Francis Ngannou or hear how happy she makes everyone at the gym? Do you not know how she never stops looking for new and creative ways to do artistic brutality for your entertainment no matter how easily she could cruise to the bell?

Did you hear how the crowd in Boston — BOSTON! — was chanting her name? This AFTER she got blindsided by red-baiting from a fan-favorite that would have sullied many fighters in fans’ eyes forever? All on the sheer force of her magnetism and likability?

Look, I don’t like to generalize, but I feel comfortable saying that I do not like you and you are probably a bad person.

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