Brush With Police Overreach Ends in Warning

Now he truly understands the tyranny of a mild rebuke.

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UFC Welterweight and Conor McGregor impersonator Ian Garry had an eventful week in Boston, including a run-in with the famed overaggressive, insecure work of United States police. Speaking with the Dana Pays Us More Than His Fighters MMA Podcast, Garry shared the story of holding an impromptu open workout in a Boston pub and the Boston police officer who threatened him with arrest on riot charges the night before his fight at UFC 292 should he in anyway undermine the officer’s arbitrary authority to make and enforce rules. The situation for Garry, which included no further hassling, was clearly shocking and the fighter admitted the threat of incarceration sent his mind racing with thoughts of how cool it would have been and how well the publicity of being detained would have gone down, finally allowing him to relate to the universal experience of interacting with US policing.

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