Max Holloway Still Pretty Good, Cool

That was fun.

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Fighting against a fellow legend making his curtain call Max Holloway once again confirmed he is just a danged good fighter and likable dude. Holloway and The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung, delivered two-and-a-bit rounds of exactly the kind of exciting and high-level combat fans have come to expect of both men, with Holloway getting his hand raised but not before Zombie offered his trademark unkillability after surviving a deep choke following a knockdown by Holloway and staggering the former champ right back. The two further solidified their place as two guys who seem entirely too nice for this with Holloway using his time on the mic to bring attention to the Hawaii wildfires and to give Zombie his flowers upon his retirement. Now fans are left to sit and wait for word from the UFC on what’s next for the Hawaiian, with both another thorough dismantling of an elite featherweight contender or a fourth loss to Alexander Volkanovski in consideration.

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