Report: Years Of Smearing Champion By Promoter Not Conducive to Strong PPV Sales

TFW when you don’t do anything right and it still doesn’t work out

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Despite more than two years of the UFC and its representatives promoting former Flyweight Champion Aljamain Sterling by repeatedly belittling him and questioning his heart, mind and body, fans just weren’t that interested in tuning in to see him defend his title for the second time in three months for some reason, if reports are to be believed. Fellow former Flyweight Champion Henry Cejudo recently shared the news, care of an anonymous ESPN source he swears he has, that the card garnered between 300,000 and 350,000 buys for an event headlined by a phony paper champion and the Tekashi69 at home. While it’s not currently clear who is to blame for the poor performance of a PPV hosted by an organization that’s spent recent years restructuring to protect its income such that marketable stars are more of a burden than a boon, sources within the organization are said to be uniting around the belief this is all Sterling’s fault.

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