Brown Belt Accountant Excited For More Relaxed Speed of Masters Division

No more energetic teenagers for him.

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After years of sticking it out in Adult brackets, John Walker, a 37-year-old CPA from Nebraska, has finally made the jump into the 30-and-up Masters world, starting with his first trip to the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s World Masters Championship. Seeing the appeal in a division where the natural effects of aging are less of a glaring concern as against opponents half his age, Walker is eager to test his skills against his fellow 30-somethings. While he insists he is trying his best to keep expectations down, Walker is cautiously optimistic that, as someone quite fit for his age, he will hold a physical edge over others in his bracket as well as a technical edge and level of experience his foes are unlikely to match. Good luck, John!

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