Singapore Fight Night Fan Going to Hell

One thousand curses be upon their family’s name.

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With the retirement of Chan-sung Jung, known affectionately by all as The Korean Zombie, the MMA world was treated to a rare heartwarming spectacle as Zombie made his UFC exit to a stadium singing his song as the emotional fighter left the Octagon for the last time, a moment that was touching and which nobody would possibly dream of upsetting except for one fan, who is a very bad person and should feel bad. While fans watching at home initially thought Zombie had made the decision to throw his gloves to the crowd as a final gift, he later revealed he only threw his second glove because his first was stolen out of his hands by a fan who clearly has no room for love or kindness in their heart. It’s not yet clear if Zombie will be able to be reunited with the last gloves he wore in his storied career or if the initial snatcher is content with their trade of eternal damnation if this universe is in any way just for a piece of fight memorabilia that will never mean a fraction as much to them as its rightful owner.

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