Giant Piece of Shit Up to Giant Piece of Shit Things

Dillon gonna Danis.

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With Dillon Danis still in the “pretending to do this” phase of his fight with Logan Paul, the renowned embarrassingly cringe edge-lord is adding to his resume as one of the elite garbage piles in the crowded field of combat sports with a continued assault on his opponent’s fiancĂ©, the actions of a man who is clearly very secure in himself and probably super cool to hang out with. Showing the kind of shithead talent that makes him the favorite of tens of chuds and losers in combat sports Danis has spent the weeks leading up to the bout posting hundreds of times about a woman who has nothing to do with him or his fight, including sharing explicit images of her. With Agdel filing for and receiving a restraining order against Danis, we are left to assume he will definitely show the maturity required to move on, make amends and ultimately show up to fight Paul in October.

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