Hate Crime Has Radtke Facing Potential Cut If UFC Unable to Find Gay or Ally Opponent

If a marketing purpose can’t be found the American may be one and done.

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Welterweight debutante Charles Radtke’s homophobic and misogynistic rant at UFC 293 has put his career in jeopardy or earned a main card opportunity pending the result of the UFC’s search for an opponent with whom they can use the event to market a fight. Radtke is expected to face a severe punishment for the hateful conduct, up to and including expulsion from the promotion if the UFC can’t figure out a way to make the vile episode the danced around but unspoken undercurrent of a fight following two months of homophobia-fueled promotion.

“Listen, we have a zero tolerance policy for this shit,” said Dana White, who once got caught on camera in a club being physical with his wife then slapping her twice. “If you’re using slurs or bigoted language and it’s not easily packageable into cheap heat for a fight we can slot into the next random opening that needs filling then we do not have a space for you. That’s a firm rule.”

In the event of a release Radtke will have flown to the other side of the world just to ruin his own big break, and it would be very uncharitable to focus on how funny it would be that he’ll have spent more time in his UFC career on a plane than doing actual UFC things.

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