Confused Friends Talking About Different Fighters Who Said Homophobic Slurs in UFC 293 Post-Fight Interviews

What a zany mixup!

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Two friends had a wacky mishap over brunch today with the pair experiencing a crossed-wires situation as Claire was discussing the homophobic f-word used by undercard fighter Charles Radtke but her friend Janine thought she was discussing the same slur as used by main card fighter Manel Kape.

“It was soooooo funny,” Janine said after the mix-up. “She’s there talking about the fight, and then she says something about ‘typical American MMA dude’ and I go, ‘I think he’s from Angola’ and then we realized and just laughed and laughed and laughed.”

Although a little embarrassed by their mistake, the women hoped this could be a real learning experience for everyone about not making assumptions.

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