“30 Days FREE, No Strings!” Offer Has More Strings Than Anticipated

To claim it you just have to explain to the owner’s kids why daddy has to work for free.

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After responding to a Facebook ad for 30 days of free gym access at Madison County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with no hidden clauses, prospective student Allison Henry has discovered numerous secret qualifiers to the offer after discussing the trial with a gym employee after her first class.

“Oh, yeah, so you’re here for the ad,” said the gentleman working behind the counter. “Okay, so here’s how it works. You can have 30 days free now, and that’s totally fine you can definitely take it and just sign up at the end if you don’t like money and hate savings. Or you could sign up today and then we’ll waive that $500 registration fee which we just simply would be unable remove otherwise.”

In addition to the waived fee the gym also offered Henry a free gi if she signed up that day, but it’s completely cool if not because she can just borrow a green-and-yellow trialist belt and one of the loaner gis from the pile in the supply closet each day throughout her trial instead.

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