Radtke, Kape Sincerely Sorry If Slur Caused Them Any Pain

They never meant to cause any distress to themselves or any others directly-connected to them.

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Following a UFC 293 card which saw two of the night’s victorious fighters use their victories as an opportunity to sling homophobic slurs on mic, both Charles Radtke and Manel Kape have come forward to offer sincere and unequivocal apologies for any harm the incidents may have caused to their careers or the careers of those around them. Noting that it was never their intention to hurt themselves or those on their team both men expressed regret for their choice of words, which each explained away as the natural and unavoidable consequence of being emotional after a fight and thus accidentally saying the F-word in a fit of pique, a universally relatable experience. Both Radtke and Kape have accepted the apologies and expressed their desire that the learning experience suffice as the full punishment on offer to the fighters who they are sure have learned their lesson about using slurs in a way that may backfire upon themselves in the form of mild condemnation.

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