Gym Owners: We Should Be Able to Have a Little Nazi Imagery On Our Gis

They’re not in trouble at all.

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The following is an open letter from the United Gym Owners National Front, a non-profit organization representing plausibly defensible gym owners around the United States.

The world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in this country is in turmoil and despite no shortage of imaginary issues to wrestle with, from false abuse accusations to dangerous trans inclusion, we once again find ourselves defending a gym against totally baseless nazi-imagery accusations despite the logos in question not being a 100-percent match. Just because a logo uses a a lightning bolt style only associated with the nazis and places it next to a famously nazi-adjacent symbol you suddenly think it’s okay to say that’s not okay? It’s not like they have a swastika on their gi, what are you whining about? The way some of these complainers talk about it you’d think that the martial arts community had a problem with fascism and violent right-wing leanings and certain portions of the community spend their entire time watching out for nearly-there symbols as an early warning sign to avoid unsafe spaces or something.

Besides, it was a symbol of good luck first anyhow.

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