20-Fight UFC Veteran Making $58,000 Mad at Right People

Those damned Australians taking advantage of fighters again.

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UFC veteran John Makdessi is steaming mad about his low take-home pay for UFC 293 and he knows just who is to blame — those dastardly judges and Australian citizens. Makdessi, who has competed exclusively in the UFC for the last 13 years, shared a picture of his paystub showing the deductions and taxes taken out of the $58,000 the UFC paid him for his 20th fight in the promotion, and correctly identified the true culprits of his light pockets. Makdessi is reported to be fuming thinking about how the Aussies are now just going to blow his money on their multi-million dollar car collections, reckless gambling and fake snow in summer. Fighters being denied their fair pay is a particularly close-to-the-heart issue for Makdessi, who found himself caught up in the 2014 Fear the Fighter controversy in which the fight apparel company, which listed Makdessi as president, was accused of failing to make their sponsorship payments to multiple UFC fighters after the combatants had completed their in-cage obligations.

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