Tyrannical Government Arrests Man For Drinking at Own Office

He thought this was *hic* America.

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The long arm of the federal DemonRat government has reached out and grabbed another true patriot, arresting truth-telling Iowan Patrick Miletich, 55, just for having a few glasses of wine in his office. Remarkably, this is the third time jackbooted goons of socialist commie Joe Biden have seen fit to breach the doors of Mr. Miletich’s office to unlawfully detain him. Witnesses of the arrest confirm that Mr. Miletich wasn’t harming anyone and was actually having a peaceful nap at the time the liberal woke police swooped in. The arrest is not expected to prevent Miletich from filling his spot in the “nazi vs. Not, See?” MMA grudge match with fellow UFC-alum Mike Jackson next month.

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