“Ex” Doing Heavy Lifting in Ex-Bigot’s Backstory

He hasn’t done any new bigotries all day.

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The redemptive story of former neo-nazi and current UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland continues apace, with the champion having now gone several days without doing or saying anything explicitly bigoted in a public setting. Known as one of the few fighters in MMA willing to speak out about men like Andrew Tate or Pat Barry while being correct for the wrong reasons, the image rejuvenation has only continued at such a pace due to Strickland’s reformed ways which now mean you can be fairly sure at any given time he hasn’t done anything racist, sexist or queerphobic in at last the last 12-15 seconds. Here’s hoping this current ex-status continues on or that the next one does in the moderately likely chance there has been a new incident between publication and you reading this.

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