The MMA Mania Commenter Red Flag? Readers Commenting on “Midnight Mania: The Rogan Red Flag? JRE Listeners Deemed Undateable in New Poll” Deemed Undateable in New Poll

78% of respondents chose “Absolutely not. Never.”

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Shocking news for MMA Mania readers as a new poll has shown that women have a clear preference for a partner who has never clicked on, read or commented on an MMA Mania article discussing how women view The Joe Rogan Experience listenership as a red flag. The comments of the site, which holds itself out as a bastion of open and free commenter speech in the otherwise PC-dominated world of combat sports, is understood to be absolutely overflowing with commentors about whom 93% of women responded by choosing one of the negative options when describing how likely they would be to date someone like them. The news that posting on the site was viewed as such a red flag has not been received kindly, with many taking to the comments to refute the general red flag’s validity by instead planting their own flags to speak for themselves.

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