Mike Perry to Make So Much More Than Your Favorite UFC Fighter

Pictured: One of the richest fighters to ever be in the UFC

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Mike Perry has penned a new deal with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship that will pay the former UFC fighter $8 million, a staggering amount that is almost certainly more money than your favorite UFC fighter will ever make in their career. Perry, who completed his UFC career with a 7-8 record and only one victory over a fighter still competing in the promotion, shared news of the new contract and his elated feelings about its structure, pay scale and the way it absolutely ensures he will go down as one of the most well-paid combat sports athletes to ever set foot in the Octagon. Perry made the transition to bare knuckle boxing following his exit from the UFC having dropped seven of his last ten bouts before finding a new promoter who has seen fit to provide him with a level of wealth the top-ten fighter grinding out their sixth straight UFC win over elite competition who you just absolutely adore will never come close to earning.

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