Woodley Reveals One Fighter He’d Return for Chance to Stare At, Occasionally Flick Jab Toward

It’s going to be intense. His gaze, that is.

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Like many retired fighters former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley hasn’t fully written off the idea of a return as earlier this week he revealed the one fight that interests him enough to get him out of retirement and into a 25-minute circling match inside the Octagon — recently re-dethroned UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya! Woodley carries some bad blood for the larger man due to what he felt was an unearned level of animus from Adesanya when Woodley originally listed him as a fight that interested him, citing his contemporaneous desire to get in the cage and periodically throw strikes in the vague direction of Izzy as a sign of respect but one which Izzy responded to negatively. While there are currently no indications of the fight being made in the near future, fans of Woodley the world over will no-doubt be champing at the bit to once again get another hit of the inimitable action of a late-career Woodley bout.

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