Diego Sanchez Reaches “Casually Sharing Antisemitic Conspiracies” Stage of Free Thinker Journey

A dastardly secret plan by the secret leaders of America AND Israel you say?

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Former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez’s journey to hosting his own show on Info Wars continues apace with the semi-retired athlete branching out into the realm of sharing anti-Jewish conspiracies to his feed. The presenter, who to his credit manages to avoid physically winking to camera as he reveals a plan being carried out by the powerful individuals running the United States and Israel to do indeterminate but definitely very bad things, lays out a spooky scenario set to go down on October 4th (or October 11th if nothing happens on the 4th!) which Sanchez helpfully boosted to his 290,000 followers. Ever the free thinker looking to expand his perspective on the universe at all opportunities, Sanchez turned off comments on the post.

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