Bryce Mitchell Detained By TSA After Attempting to Board Flight With Dan Ige

The agents are believed to be in league with Satan.

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UFC Featherweight Bryce Mitchell is in TSA custody today after refusing to release his grip around the shoulders of opponent Dan Ige as the Hawaiian attempted to pass through security for a flight home from Las Vegas. Mitchell rebuffed efforts to separate the two, insisting that the agents back off and give Ige the time and opportunity to address the airport over its PA system and lead travelers in a prayer against the man-made space lasers that have wrought devastation upon Ige’s home state. Ige is reportedly back home now following what the defeated fighter described as “the most peaceful flight of [his] life,” while Mitchell is locked in his fourth hour of debate with a TSA agent over the risk of continuing to fly planes in a world without gravity to bring them back down to land before they reach the planet’s end.

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