BMF Belt Just “Promotional Tool” Says Former “Champion” Covington

He knows a thing or two about promoting a tool.

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Former UFC Interim “Champion” Coby Covington has weighed in on the UFC’s revival of the BMF Title and he has taken a clear and unequivocal stance against gimmick belts and manufactured titles created just so the UFC has a belt to put on a poster. Covington, who won his sole UFC “Title” fight at UFC 225 by defeating Rafael dos Anjos less than a year after Champion Tyron Woodley last defended the belt and less than three months before he did so again, feels that it’s disrespectful to the actual champions in the UFC to lump such a phony, pay-per-view moving spectacle as the BMF title in with their legitimate wins. It is a particularly close-to-home issue for Covington, who himself fought in two different undisputed title fights against Welterweight Title-holder Kamaru Usman, and he made it clear that no paper-champion would be speaking about themselves as a real belt-holder on his watch.

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