MMA Fans Have Change of Heart on Danis After Learning He’s Also Very Misogynistic

Finally something MMA fans can see themselves in with Danis.

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Long the butt of jokes across the broader combat sports community, few realms have been less kind to Dillon Danis and his embarrassing antics than the MMA fandom, but that may all be about to change as fans around the world have taken kindly to the discovery that in addition to being extremely cringe and egotistical he is also a raging, unrepentant misogynist. His decision to focus his attacks against boxing opponent Logan Paul not on the YouTuber himself, but rather toward Paul’s fiancĂ©e Nina Agdal, has seen public opinion among MMA bros soar, with the alleged-grappler hailed as a promotional genius, anti-hero, five-dimensional chess player for discovering posting sexy pictures of a woman then directing hate at her would be a successful strategy on ex-Twitter.

Wowed by Danis’ canny decision to focus his attacks on a conventionally attractive women the men agreed it was super laudable and not at all weird to have a folder of nude and semi-nude pictures of a woman you don’t know for the purposes of casting shame on the man she loves on social media. It was also widely agreed that such a an open and loud display of insecurity at the very idea of being with a woman who knew and interacted with other men before you provided them with a really relatable side to Danis they hadn’t seen before.

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