Lesson Learned! Dillon Danis Announces Busy Run of Fights to Pull Out Of in Early 2024

A busy slate ahead for Danis’ fingers.

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Alleged grappler and mixed martial artist Dillon Danis has responded to his clear and embarrassing boxing loss against YouTuber Logan Paul by showing he’s capable of assessing his performance and adjusting to improve going forward with the announcement of an ambitious slate of fights for 2024 and his plans to ensure none of them go off as scheduled. Demonstrating his range, Danis isn’t just sticking to to the sports he’s known for, either, with a diverse set of challenges which will require a diverse set of excuses:

  • February 3: Full Send Sumo Championships 3 vs. Dax Shepard (Germaphobia attack)
  • February 10: Combat Twister Presented by Fight Circus vs. Cyborg Abreu (Hiding the spinner)
  • February 17: Rock, Paper, SLAP! vs. Taran Noah Smith (Getting choked out by bouncer backstage after trying to access Smith’s locker room)
  • Late February: Filming for Survivor (Refusing pre-show quarantine period)
  • March 16: Bareknuckle Chess Boxing FC vs. Joel Haver (Entering witness protection program)
  • March 23: Who’s Number One vs. Gordon Ryan (Ryan withdrawing with Very Bad Poops)
  • April 12: Celebrity Sambo 7 vs. Charlie Puth (Mandatory court appearance)
  • Memorial Day Weekend: 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee (Hysterical blindness)
  • June 7: $2 Million Fight vs. Francis Ngannou (Bomb threat)

That’s a lot on Danis’ plate in the months ahead but while this weekend’s appearance may have tarnished his reputation, it’s undeniable he remains an elite fight-booking talent and fans should expect to see him back in peak form soon!

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