Gaethje Vehemently Denies Saying Things Said on Camera

They didn’t fucking do this! They’re not worried about it!

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Former UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman appeared to injure himself showing off a takedown at open workouts for UFC 294, but training partner Justin Gaethje has been quick to refute any stories claiming he and Usman shared the words they were filmed sharing as the two hit the mat. While fans have speculated that Gaethje asked Usman if he was alright before being told something popped, this is based on the flimsy hearsay of watching the video and hearing what was said, and Gaethje offered an alternative explanation for what actually happened.

“I just asked what we were doing tonight,” Gaethje said in an angry tweet under one share of the video, “and he said he wants to have a soda pop.”

While fans also noted Usman appeared to favor his leg when standing up before immediately clapping it up for the fans and bringing an abrupt end to the grappling, Gaethje said this was simply Usman clearing off his knee to create the perfect resting place for his pop before showing his excitement at the idea of an ice cold Coca Cola when the duo got back to their room.

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