Tim Kennedy Excited for Opportunity to Kill Arabs in New Country

“It’s hard because so many of these soulless animals don’t like us for some reason.”

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Retired two-time Strikeforce Middleweight Championship Fight participant Tim Kennedy appeared on Fox News this week to discuss his efforts to inject himself into another Middle Eastern massacre using the kind of inflammatory and dehumanizing language so closely associated with definitely being the good guy in the story. Noting the need to look out for the American refugees in the extremely not-America region Kennedy showed off the lilliputian nuance and compassion for which he is known and known.

“I mean, just look at the situation over here. Western powers spending decades interfering in a Middle Eastern region, treating the humans living there like nothing more than pieces in a game to be expended and exterminated to suit their greater goals, triggering an inevitable pushback used to justify an overwhelmingly disproportionate response, leveling entire neighborhoods and claiming innumerable innocent lives. It’s just…” Kennedy said, before letting out a long sigh. “It’s just good to be back.”

Kennedy’s return also marks a return to the region for his charity Save Our Allies, following up on 2022 efforts which included giving $735,000 of charitably donated funding to a group of hucksters and war profiteers who lied about being able to evacuate Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

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