Opinion: Stop Fighting With Secret Infectious Diseases You Selfish Weirdos

What if giving others dangerous diseases was bad maybe?

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We here at Mixed Martial Artish are firm believers in speaking the truth, even when the masses don’t want to hear it, and today the editorial board would like to offer our boldest most out-on-a-limb take yet: dangerous and potentially fatal infections are bad and you should not engage in behavior that risks spreading them to other people. In addition to holding this very brave stance, we would also like to firmly state we also think you should especially not do this when keeping your infectious disease a secret, thus denying your opponent and others who share training spaces with you the opportunity to consent into or out of the risk you are presenting. In fact, we are even willing to go so far as to say doing so is bad, and it would be better if you didn’t.

You fucking knobs.

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