Bad Fighter With Shit Personality, No Professionalism Hits Open Market

He very nearly completed this takedown in a boxing match against a YouTuber.

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With the impending end of Bellator MMA the exit of one of the biggest promotions in mixed martial arts history is set to flood the market with a batch of some of the greatest fighters in the world across a range of divisions and also Dillon Danis. The theoretical-grappler, fresh off a boxing match where he was soundly outboxed, stuffed on a takedown then denied a guillotine attempt against YouTuber turned professional wrestler Logan Paul, is now free to sign with and avoid fights under the banner of any organization in the world. While it’s not yet clear where Danis is likely to end up fans are already hard at work with fantasy matchmaking, climbing over each other to see who can come up with the best dream pull-out for Danis.

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