UFC Trying to Find the Guys Who Did This After Horrendously Regulated UFC 294

Fouls, fuckups and fighters with staph!

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After a fight card marred by repeated unpunished fouls, multiple prelim fighters competing with hidden staph infections and a disastrous main card scene brought about by incompetence from the the in-cage doctor, the UFC has vowed to get to the bottom of how such a catastrophic series of events happened at the event hosted and overseen by their business partners.

“The guy’s inexperienced,” UFC CEO Dana White, who once got caught on camera in a club being physical with his wife then slapping her twice, said of a man the UFC and their hosts allowed to serve as a medical professional for a card headlined by one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history.

While the UFC carries out its investigation into just who to blame for this totally out-of-their-hands situation fans can rest assured knowing the organization returns to Brazil, New York and Nevada for its upcoming cards, three regions with sterling and unblemished records of regulation and officiation.

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