King Gordon’s Golden Touch? Jones Withdraws From Bout With Injury

Like all great champions, Jones’ body has failed him.

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When Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Gordon Ryan showed off a picture from training with UFC Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones many fans couldn’t hold back their excitement at what this might mean for Jones, and now just two weeks out from his anticipated title defense against UFC Heavyweight GOAT Stipe Miocic that anticipation has paid off with the withdrawal of Jones following a pectoral injury. While many fans hoped that Ryan would have an influence on Jones, few likely expected the grappling ace’s qualities to rub off so fully and quickly as to have Jones’ very next bout scuttled.

“This sport is all about finding advantages in the margins,” Jones said when announcing the withdrawal. “It’s hard work always seeking out the best and pushing yourself but I think the results speak for themselves.”

Attempts to contact Ryan prior to publication were met with an automated response stating that the BJJ whiz was currently unavailable due to being fully occupied with a case of very bad poops.

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